In a gripping tale of greed, power, and justice, the Six Sentinels (Oceans 11) risk everything to expose a sinister plot driven by the 'profits of war' question their allegiance to kin and privilege (Robin Hood) in a gripping quest to change the course of history. The Sentinels trilogy is set in climates of military turmoil where government and greed collide in high-stakes drama with entire nations hanging in the balance.

Fortunes of War

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Book 1: Fortunes of War, delves heavily into how money played a key role in building up Hitler’s attempt of world domination and how the loss of that money helped bring him down. In the financial devastation of the 1930s, a greedy, power-hungry group of German industrialists plot to usher in the National Socialist Party in order to rearm Germany and reap the financial rewards. With Hitler in power, the Six Sentinels, graduates of an elite American doctoral program, uncover the industrialists' plan to hoard hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal war profits and put their lives on the line to serve justice.

Crude Deception

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In Book 2, Crude Deception, our heroes return in an epic battle against a big oil monopoly. As America's dependence on fossil fuel takes hold in the post-World War Two climate of economic growth, seven major oil companies join forces to control the industry, amassing obscene profits, squeezing tax-payers, and manipulating supplies around the world. In a plot line eerily reminiscent of today’s political climate, the Sentinels fan out across several continents in an intricately plotted mission to bring 'Big Oil' to its knees.


This is a continuation of the story of the Sentinels, a group of elite, conservative, intellectuals crusading to do good, by preventing nefarious scoundrels from exploiting the general public. Even so, it is an interesting read from the standpoint of what, if something like this had happened in the past, would the outcome have been. In the first novel, Fortunes of War, the Sentinels thwart the plans of German Industrialists to establish a fourth Reich following the collapse of Hitler’s attempt to create the third. In the second, Crude Deception, they are opposing the major international oil companies, and their respective countries in their attempt to monopolize the exploration, development and production of the world’s available crude oil. ...naturally and thought provoking only if you are willing consider the implications of the story. Both books may be considered a cautionary against acceptance of the apparent status quo, advocating that active steps be taken to assure that not only the vested interests make decisions, but those impacted by the outcome have a major input as well.

Voices Behind the Curtain

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"The Voices Behind the Curtain is a solidly written and edited novel featuring an engaging cast of characters that will appeal to many interested in the historical, political, and economic events that shaped the world in the years after World War II." ~ The Foreword

The third and final installment of the trilogy is Voices Behind the Curtain. Can the world be rescued by a financial expert? Does the world even know it needs to be saved from what lurks behind the curtain? The Sentinels are back with a new installment. The post-World War II military industrial complex is explored in Zuckerman’s action-filled globe-trotting thriller. It’s a book of principles vs. power, of greed vs. the selfless serving of one’s country. His latest novel examines what he calls a “Power Cycle” threat, where those who operate outside the law must be dealt with outside society’s normal channels.