The New Sentinels Trilogy

Pushing Back the Desert

Part 1

Jacque Roth, the Six Sentinels' current leader, discovers "Operation Ajax," a covert plan by oil companies to overthrow Iran's government, reinstate the exiled Shah, and control its oil industry. To safeguard their humanitarian venture, Roth-Naraghi enlists the Sentinels against "Operation Ajax," plunging Jacque Roth and his partners into a perilous dilemma: defy "Big Oil" and challenge superpower governments.

Amid the tumultuous late 1950s (Eisenhower Era), the New Sentinels are summoned to expose a cover plan (Operation Ajax) to overthrow Iran’s Parliamentary Government, Restore the exiled Shah to power, and seize control of Iran’s, oil industry, the world’s fourth-largest oil reserve.

Big Money: Who is in Control?

In the wake of the Kennedy assassination, Sentinel Institute graduates, with the formidable Madame Cecelia by their side, embark on a daring mission to unveil an insidious plan that exploits public fear for profit, masterminded by an ancient Cartel fueled by dark money. Unearthing secrets dating back 150 years to Europe's 'Financial Elite,' the sinister Federal Reserve, and J.P. Morgan's clandestine Jekyll Island meeting, their journey unveils a financial web that transcends borders and challenges the very foundations of power.

Throughout history, concentrations of wealth and influence have pursued self-serving agendas that, if unopposed, would be achieved at the expense of the public’s best interests. Who Is in Control? is the story of how the Sentinels combine their respective skills to oppose the Estate of Organized Capitalism’s (EState’s) efforts to promote and escalate the United States’ involvement in foreign disputes that, invariably, lead to increased defense spending.

In 1962, Who Is in Control? unravels the Sentinels' battle against the Estate of Organized Capitalism's plan to manipulate U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts, driving increased defense spending. Recent Sentinel graduates and Madame Cecelia unite to expose this agenda, armed with three years of doctoral research, challenging the military-industrial complex's influence on national decisions. This historical saga reveals their struggle to protect the public's best interests.

Making It In America: Rebooting the Dream

In a remarkable tale of bringing jobs back to America and championing the common people over the wealthy few, the Six Sentinels rally a resurgence akin to 'The Greatest Generation' restoring America to Superpower status.

In 1995, as American jobs flow overseas due to lower labor costs, a graduating Sentinel doctoral group unveil a groundbreaking plan: harness federal value creation to subsidize domestic job expenses. To enact vital tax legislation, the Sentinels must rally public support to challenge the entrenched power of offshore manufacturers backed by Big Money.

A historic showdown where the people's will takes on corporate interests in a battle to reshape the future of American manufacturing. The New Sentinels final mission is to rally public support by introducing a groundbreaking plan to generate federal value and subsidize domestic jobs.

Their valiant efforts culminate in a successful movie franchise, showcasing the power of entertainment to unite a nation by exposing the corruption of politics and celebrating the enduring legacy of unsung heroes.